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Computer Vision Treatment

Seek computer vision treatment with your Lumberton Eye Doctor

Digital devices such as personal computers, e-readers, tablets equipped with digital displays, and smartphones provide enjoyment while saving time. However, they also sometimes cause a disorder known as computer vision syndrome (CVS), or Digital Eye Strain. Computer vision treatment from our Lumberton eye doctor combined with self-care helps protect patients at our EyeWorks Vision Center against the effects of this disorder.

Overview of Computer Vision Syndrome

CVS is a term for a group of certain eye- and vision-related issues. They are the result of extended use of digital devices. In most cases, the degree of discomfort parallels the amount of screen usage.

The typical U.S. worker is on a computer at work or at home seven hours each day. The most frequent symptoms resulting from CVS are headaches, eyestrain, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, and blurred vision. Symptoms are often temporary. However, sometimes they persist even after stopping use of a digital device, continue to occur, and worsen with future use of digital screens.

Causes include inadequate lighting, screen glare, poor posture while seated, detrimental viewing distances, vision problems not yet corrected, or a combination of these. Individuals who spend at least two continuous hours each day viewing a digital screen face the biggest risk for CVS.

Viewing a digital screen typically takes more work than viewing a printed page due to less-precise definition of digital letters and numbers, glare, and screen reflections. Eye movement and focusing requirements are also more demanding. Unrecognized or under-corrected vision issues are major contributors to Digital Eye Strain.

Computer Vision Treatment in Lumberton

Computer vision treatment for patients who visit our Lumberton, NC office includes a combination of optometric services and self-care. Our doctors diagnose CVS after completing a comprehensive eye exam that includes evaluating a patient’s history and medications.

During this exam, our optometrist measures a patient’s visual acuity and conducts a refraction to determine how to precisely correct problems such as nearsightedness and astigmatism. The assessment also includes testing how the patient’s eyes are able to move, focus, and work together.

Based on the results, our eye doctors create a treatment plan to help relieve the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Specially designed glasses aid those with normal vision. For patients with corrected vision, prescriptions that are friendlier to digital usage are appropriate.

Self-care includes following the 20-20-20 rule when using digital devices. We are also happy to recommend steps to take regarding device placement, lighting, glare, seating, taking breaks, and periodic blinking.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Lumberton Eye Doctor

If you spend a significant time each day using a computer or other digital devices, regular eye exams can help reduce and prevent the effects of computer vision syndrome. The optometrists at our EyeWorks Vision Center provide friendly, top-quality services to patients of all ages. Call us today at 910-738-6464 to schedule an exam with our Lumberton eye doctor and help your vision be all that it can be.

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