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Eye and Vision Exams

Eye Exams From Our Optometrist in Lumberton and Benson

Eye exams are crucial for your eye health. Seeing the eye doctor on a regular basis can help ensure that the optometrist catches your eye conditions and eye diseases in their early stages. Whether you’re suffering from a disease like glaucoma or a condition like nearsightedness, our eye exams in Lumberton and Benson can help you avoid problems like vision loss and blindness. Knowing the benefits of eye exams, what to expect from your eye exams and how often to see the optometrist can help you get the care you need.

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Benefits of Eye Exams

There are many reasons to see the optometrist in Lumberton.

      • Eye exams help the eye doctor prevent serious diseases
      • Good vision is important for success in school and success in the work place
      • Seeing the eye doctor can help adults with driver’s licenses to be safer drivers

What to Expect from Vision Testing in Benson

When you see the optometrist in Lumberton and Benson for an annual eye exam, the eye doctor will start with a test of your vision and visual clarity. Your eye doctor will check for conditions like nearsightedness and refractive error, and if your eye doctor detects anything of this nature, he or she will make recommendations for treatment.

After checking your eyes for visual clarity, your optometrist in Lumberton will examine your eyes for presence of eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. There are a variety of different tests that your eye doctor will need to use in order to test for these conditions. None of these tests hurt and all of these tests are safe for children and adults.

Finally, your eye doctor will also check for proper eye functionality. Your doctor will check to ensure that your eyes are able to perceive depth and color.

How Often Should You See Your Optometrist in Lumberton

At EyeWorks Vision Center, we recommend that patients see the eye doctor at least once annually. We also recommend that patients see the eye doctor if they have noticed symptoms of a possible eye condition, such as:

        • Sensitivity to light
        • Difficulty focusing
        • Bulging eye
        • Spot in the eye
        • Redness in the eye
        • Itchy eye
        • Pain in the eye

The symptoms above can all be signs of an eye disease. Seeing the eye doctor in a timely manner will help you get treatment for your condition, which can help save your vision.

Contact Your Lumberton Optometrist Today

As your eye doctor in Lumberton and Benson, we encourage all people of the community to see the eye doctor at least once annually. Even young children can benefit from a visit to the eye doctor. If you are a parent, we recommend taking your child for his or her first annual eye exam at age six months, and then every year following. To make an appointment, contact EyeWorks Vision Center today at (910) 738-6464.

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