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Eyecare Services

Services Provided by Our Benson and Lumberton Optometrist

Whether you are in search of an optometrist in Lumberton or Benson, you can count on EyeWorks to provide a full range of eye care services. From a thorough eye exam to a wide selection of frames and sunglasses, EyeWorks takes care of you and your family's vision in a caring, professional and comfortable setting.

eye services

Eye Exams - Our Benson and Lumberton optometrist provides complete and thorough eye exams to not only measure your vision, but for early detection of any potential eye problems. An eye exam from EyeWorks can detect problems like cataracts, glaucoma, corneal, retinal problems and more.

Emergency Services - You can take comfort knowing that when you need emergency eye care, the EyeWorks team is here to help. We can remove foreign objects from the eye, treat welder's burn, and care for abrasions and other traumas to the eyes. Accidents can occur at home, work or while playing sports and EyeWorks is here to help.

Contact Lens Exams - Advancements in eye care have allowed more people than ever to take advantage of wearing contact lenses, and our contact lens exam can help determine if you are a candidate. We also offer expert contact fitting services.

Contact Lenses - We provide contact lenses in a variety of styles and materials to fit patients with a variety of issues including dry eye problems, astigmatism, bifocal, colored and tints that enhance the eyes as well as monovision.

Frames - At EyeWorks, we know that eyeglasses don't just improve vision, they can improve your looks. That's why we are pleased to offer a wide selection of frames to fit your facial features, face shape and style.

Lenses - Today's lenses are available in a choice of materials to best suit your lifestyle and vision. Today's lenses are lightweight and scratch resistant. Lens materials available today include high-index plastics, hybrid, polycarbonate, Trivex, crown glass and more. Our Benson and Lumberton optometrist can help you choose the materials best for you.

Protective Sports Goggles - If you play sports, especially racquet sports, you can benefit from protective sports goggles from EyeWorks. Stay in the game with protective eyewear from EyeWorks.

Safety Glasses - Many of our patients work in professions or have hobbies that can subject their eyes to damage. Let us help you select safety glasses to keep your valuable eyesight safe.

Sunglasses - Sunglasses can help protect your eyes from harmful rays and give you a distinctive look. At EyeWorks, we offer a selection of both non-prescription and prescription sunglasses.

One Hour Services - Need service in a hurry? Ask about EyeWorks’s 1 hour services for glasses, contacts and more!

Contact Our Local Lumberton and Benson Optometrists for More Information Today!

For people of all ages, Eyeworks is dedicated to your eye health for a lifetime. Make an appointment today by calling our optometrist in Lumberton at 910 738-6464 or in Benson at (910) 738-6464. EyeWorks offices are located at 2800 North Elm in Lumberton and at 304 East Main Street in Benson, NC.

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