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Sports Vision

Get sports vision treatment for better performance today with your local optometrist

At EyeWorks Vision Center, our Lumberton optometrists are committed to serving patients with an excellent standard of care. If you're an athlete, you know the importance of optimizing your eye and vision health, as this can relate directly to your performance. Fortunately, we're able to offer sports vision testing to ensure that your eye and vision health is optimized for your performance. If you haven't had specialized sports vision testing done in the past couple of years, now is the time to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Sports Vision Testing

We offer a wide range of sports vision tests, and the specific tests that are right for you may vary based on the sport(s) you play as well as your eye health history. Some of the important eye and vision factors we can evaluate in our office include:

  • hand-eye coordination testing - this is recommended for most athletes and especially for baseball players
  • eye tracking ability testing - this measures how well your eyes are able to follow an object and anticipate motion
  • depth perception testing - ensures that you're able to perceive obstacles clearly

These factors are assessed using a variety of test types, such as:

  • Snellen Eye Chart (tests for visual acuity)
  • Ocular Alignment Tests (check for eye tracking ability and more)
  • Eye Dominance Tests (determine which eye is more dominant)
  • Depth Perception Measurements
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Tests
  • Eye Tracking Devices

This is just a sampling of some of the types of tests we can provide as part of your sports vision testing. Each test has a unique purpose and can help us to get a better overall picture of your eye and vision health, especially as it relates to your athletic abilities.

Benefits of Sports Vision Testing for Athletes

There are many reasons to consider sports vision testing if you're an athlete who is serious about your performance. For starters, many of our patients find that these tests are also useful as training tools. For example, hand-eye coordination tests are great for basketball players wanting to better train their eyes to anticipate movement. And of course, depending on the results of your tests, certain treatments or other recommendations may be made by our eye doctor to improve your eye function. These treatments can indirectly help you perform better in the sport of your choice. For example, if testing determines that your eyes aren't working well together, then special corrective lenses may be effective in correcting these kinds of issues.

If nothing else, sports vision testing can help you enjoy greater peace of mind that your eyes are healthy and functioning as they should, rather than hindering your athletic performance.

Schedule Your Appointment With Our Lumberton Optometrists

If you're interested in finding out more about sports vision testing for athletes, or if you're ready to schedule your appointment with our Lumberton optometrists, give our knowledgeable and experienced team at EyeWorks Vision Center a call today at (910) 738-6464.

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